Yoga Practice In Santa Monica

Join us every Friday in Santa Monica Ocean View Park at 9:00 am, as we come together to honor our bodies, nurture our spirits, and bask in the magnificence of the ocean. Can’t wait to see you this Friday.

Practice Yoga In Santa Monica

I am excited to share a truly unique opportunity that aligns perfectly with the essence of self-improvement and spiritual well-being that we cherish so deeply. Picture yourself being part of beautiful practice every Friday, engaging in a yoga session that promises not just physical flexibility but a journey towards inner peace. We are incredibly fortunate to be guided by Myla as our guide for these classes.

Myla brings with her a passion and a proficiency in yoga that is both inspiring and enlightening. This event is more than just a yoga class; it is a chance to connect with yourself and others in a space that fosters growth and positivity. As you stretch and strengthen under Myla’s guidance, you also expand your heart and mind, embracing the boundless possibilities within you.

Please follow Myla on Instagram where she shares insights, schedules, and more about her yoga journey.

 You are indeed lucky to have this opportunity at your doorstep. Enjoy it, and let it enrich your life. As we open ourselves up to new experiences, we are not just doing yoga; we are aligning our very souls with the universe’s rhythm.